Furnished or Unfurnished Office Space Will Suit You? How to Decide?

Leasing a new office space is an exciting task to do and the greatest challenge in today's business age. One significant thing which plays a pivotal role during leasing a new office space is to decide whether the space should be furnished or unfurnished? However, experts believe that leasing an office space completely depends on the size of the company. Let us help you with the difference between the furnished and unfurnished office space and their pro and cons.

Furnished Office Space

Furnished office spaces are more hassle-free. They come with everything you need to utilize regularly, such as a desk, chair, and other furniture, which will save your time and money and provide you immense benefits which you can’t have access to in an unfurnished office space. All you need to do is shift to a new office and begin with your work.

Advantages of furnished office space:

Fully organized office space: A full set-up office space allows you to move quickly into your new office and initiate work without impacting your business operations. It not only saves your time but also saves your interior décor costing. The other advantage is that it provides professional settings to the office space, resulting in upliftment to the company’s image.

Time-saving: Leasing an office space is crucial as you need to consider every aspect while shifting to a new place. Choosing a furnished office space on rent eliminates time-consuming tasks like selecting the right type of furnishings, ordering them and taking deliveries after several weeks or months. It also eliminates your waiting time so that you could take possession immediately without wasting even a single day. Furnished office spaces are most suitable for big firms having huge workspace and even a single day operational delay can impact their turnover.

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Disadvantages of furnished office space

High lease pricing: A furnished office space comes with extraordinary facilities that satisfy all the demands of a tenant, and due to this, the leasing value of the office spaces is on the higher side. Good things cost expensive, and it’s same with the furnished office space which may cost 40-50 per cent higher than the unfurnished spaces.

Increased liability: If there is any small accidental damage to the property or the office interior, the tenant will be held responsible for all the loss. The landlord has all the rights to recover that loss from the tenant’s security deposit provided at the commencement of the deal.

Unfurnished Office Space

Unfurnished office spaces may attract lower costs while setting up and even ensure lower rentals. Right from electric wiring to set up workstations, you need to manage everything independently, which consumes much of your time and might impact your business. Such office spaces may not provide facilities like internet, utilities, security, parking space, etc.

Advantages of unfurnished office space:

Flexibility: The best thing about unfurnished office spaces is that you get to customize the space as per your convenience. From choosing furniture to décor and artwork, you can personalize your office space as per your business needs and preferences. Moreover, there are multiple options from where you can rent furniture and other décor items without making any long-term investment decision.

Lower rentals: As mentioned earlier, the average cost of unfurnished office space is approximately half of the furnished office, which provides relief to the company by saving their lot of money. Companies can also go creative with the furniture set-up and décor accessories in a minimal budget.

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Disadvantages of unfurnished office space

You will have to do all the set-up by yourself right from getting in touch with the electrician, carpenter to set up the workstation, which is considered one of the most significant disadvantages of unfurnished office space. Setting up an unfurnished office space may take weeks or even a month, which could impact your work and waste much of your time.

We hope that this blog might help you clear the difference between furnished and unfurnished office spaces as both have their own set of pros and cons. Take all factors into consideration before deciding on choosing the most desirable between the two.

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